Individual, Short Term & Family Health Plans

Individual, Short Term & Family Health Plans

Is the cost of Health insurance making you sick to your stomach?

Curious to see if you qualify for a Premium Subsidy for assistance with your healthcare premiums? 

Want to use our self-service online quoting tool to see your options?

  1. Click Here to find out with our online quoting tool.
  2. Fill in your zip code, choose and effective date you want your plan(s) to start, gender and date of birth, and click NEXT.
  3. Select any plans you would like to get a quote for: Medical, Short Term Medical, Dental, Vision etc. Click YES at the bottom for your Premium Subsidy Eligibility Estimate.
  4. Enter annual income, number of people in your household and any other applicable items, click CALCULATE. Your results will display at the bottom.
    After viewing your results, click NEXT to continue with your healthcare selections.

You can also call 602-539-2138 or Click Here to schedu le a no pressure customizable quote with one of our agents. 

Currently serving the following States for medical insurance: AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, IL, IN, KY ME, MI, MO, MS, NY, NC, OH,OK, PA, SC, SD,TN,TX, VA, WV 

Redirect Health

The days of paying for expensive healthcare are over. 

  • $0 Copay
  • Primary Care - 24/7 Virtual & In-Office
  • Chiropractic Office Visits
  • Lab Benefits
  • X-Rays
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Specialists and Hospitalization
  • $50 Copay - Specialists, MRI & CT scans, ultrasounds, & other imaging*†
  • Individual - $2,000 Initial Member Responsibility then 20% | $4,000 out-of-pocket max
  • Family - $4,000 Initial Member Responsibility then 20% | $6,000 out-of-pocket max
  • Additional Benefits
  • Multiplan PHCS Practitioner Network
  • Prescription Benefits 

Click Here to get your online quote. 

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