Project Blue - Tax Incentive & Rebates

Project Blue - Tax Incentive & Rebates

Is your business missing out?

Amazon pays no federal income tax for 2018, despite soaring profits. USA TODAY Feb, 15, 2019

How These Fortune 500 Companies (Legally) Paid $0 in Taxes Last Year - Fortune Magazine April, 11, 2019


What is Project Blue?

Project Blue is a company that works with small and medium business owners across the country to identify state and federal rebates and incentives. By partnering with our exclusive network of Financial Professionals we find over a million dollars per week for small and medium businesses. 

How do I benefit from Project Blue?

Project Blue features a simple painless process that begins with a simple questionnaire. To begin the process, no confidential information is required. We use our proprietary software to discover potential rebates, incentives, and cost recovery opportunities that many businesses overlook. Many business owners are shocked to learn that the government owes them $20k, $50k, even $100k or more.

Will I qualify for these programs?

What is most surprising to business owners is how easy it is to qualify. Every day, customary business practices will meet the criteria for these programs. Does your business do any of the following?

  • Hire employees?
  • Train employees?
  • Improved and processes or procedures?
  • Upgraded a website or implemented social media?

How do I get started to see if I qualify?

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